1:1 MENTORING for cannabis photographers

Mentorships are ideal for those who want personal guidance with their pursuit of professional or hobbyist cannabis photography. Whether you’re at the beginning of your cannabis photography career, changing directions, refining your style, or in a creative rut, I can guide you in identifying your strengths and uncovering your capacity to create unique and meaningful work in a market that is quickly becoming oversaturated.



1:1 MENTORING | $1995

A 1:1 mentorship with personalized exercises, assignments, and constructive guidance designed to encourage personal and professional growth based on your current skill level.

We will develop and outline your goals and advance your skill in photography as it pertains to the cannabis industry.  One-hour video conferences, twice a week for four weeks. Prior to mentorship, I will provide you with a questionnaire to gain a sense of you and your work and customize the curriculum of our mentorship. Discussion topics: q & a, topics of interest and desired growth, project development, portfolio review, individual session review, photographic style and vision, organization, inspiration and creativity, technique, post-processing and workflow, and more.

This option is currently limited to photographers outside of Washington state. Two payment options - Full payment ($1995) or 3 equal payments of $665.  Any remaining balance is due one month prior to start of mentorship. Cannot be transferred or sold and are non-refundable.

One-hour video portfolio review of up to 50 images. One week prior to your scheduled review, you will receive a prep guide on how to best prepare for our meeting. Discussion topics: technique, lighting, composition, style, vision, strengths, areas for improvement, and constructive suggestions for further growth. Fee is due in full at time of booking. Cannot be transferred or sold and are non-refundable.







Questions? Email Kristen here.