How will my brand benefit from storytelling photography?

Authentic storytelling communicates a brand’s identity and values. Your story is the best way to distinguish you from your competitors and credible stories foster a genuine connection with your audience and consumers. To put it simply, storytelling photography is a powerful business asset– a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. Here are a few interesting statistics related to imagery:

  • When people hear information, they're likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.

What’s included in a brand storytelling shoot?

1.5-3 hour session that tells the story of your brand
Includes headshots, details, space, environmental portraits including employees. Includes all final, edited digital files for use on website, social media, promo materials, etc.**

How can I use the images?

When you hire me as your photographer, you receive high resolution digital files to use anyway you see fit to grow and market your brand. Past clients have used their images on websites, social channels, tradeshow displays, investor reports and presentations, published editorial features, print and online advertising, digital menu systems, B2B sales menus, speaking engagements, and more. The only restriction is that you cannot sell or license the images to a third party or enter them into competitions.

What are your rates?

My rates are determined by scope of each individual project and desired licensing rights. One of the first questions I ask my potential clients is, “What does your annual and/or monthly marketing budget look like?” Discussions around money can be awkward, but as business owners it’s important to discuss budget restrictions upfront so that I can accurately project and communicate what I can do for you (and what I can’t) within the scope of that budget. Send me an email and I will help you narrow in on what your project may cost.
I offer one-time photo services, quarterly packages,

I have an employee / friend / uncle with a great camera. Why should I hire you?

You can pay a little for photographs you don't want or a bit more for photographs you do want. Owning impressive camera gear no more makes one a photographer than owning a shovel makes one a farmer. A skilled photographer will be able to shoot fluidly, evaluate various lighting conditions and adjust accordingly, manually adjust f-stop, shutter speed, and ISO, read a scene and anticipate decisive moments, shoot compelling composition and a strong visual narrative consistently, and they will treat your business like a business. That means having the ability to confidently educate their clients on the legal aspects of contracts, releases, and copyright law, having an efficient data management system in place to manage accounting, legal documents, and image delivery, and providing impeccable customer service. Beyond that, a professional cannabis photographer will have a broad understanding of cannabis, plant anatomy and health, cannabis farming, indoor grow and laboratory atmospheres, and grow and extraction methods and terminology. Working with a photographer well-versed in all things cannabis for your project will ensure the content produced is exceptional.

Do you offer product photography services?

Yes. I offer product photography as a stand alone service and as a discounted add-on service to a brand storytelling shoot.

Where are you based?

I'm based in Tacoma, Washington, approximately 35 miles south of Seattle and 150 miles north of Portland, Oregon but I’m available for projects and collaborations worldwide.

Do you travel?

Yes! I am frequently on the road throughout Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. I'm available for assignments and projects worldwide.

Can I use your photo for my Instagram / clothing brand / media company / graphic design project / editorial article / etc in exchange for photo credit and a shout out?

Please don’t! I do not allow my images to be reposted or used to promote a brand, product, or service in exchange for attribution. It’s a widespread misconception that images found on the web can be reused so long as photo credit is given to the photographer. This misconception is often times exacerbated by novice photographers who are under the false notion that “exposure” will help them attain some level of notoriety- something I refer to as pseudo-notoriety or vanity metrics. The reality is that photographs are digital assets owned solely by the person who created them and they are protected by copyright law. Photography is my full-time profession. If you would like to use my images in your marketing campaign, that is a professional service and product that clients pay for; otherwise, I’d be out of business.