Cannabis Photographers Pick Their Favorite Instagram Accounts

Leafly / October 2018

“She doesn’t just shoot closeups. She wants us to experience how it feels to be out there at the garden, under the sun or the lights. Kristen is able to earn the trust of her subjects and the resulting photojournalism is always heartrendingly honest.”

Why You Should Hire a Professional Cannabis Photographer

Marijuana Retailer Report / October 2018

“Kristen Angelo is an American cannabis photographer known for her work for Weedmaps, among other notable publications. She has a large following on Instagram, which helps her expose the brands she works for to the greater cannabis community.”

A Pot Farmer’s Daughter

women & weed, centennial spotlight / August 2018

“Kristen Angelo was raised by a prohibition-era marijuana grower–and it’s been her biggest influence as she documents cannabis farms and cultivators around the country. Angelo tends to favor the small, boots-on-the-ground farmer. She naturally gravitates to the industry’s underdog stories, giving a voice to many who are transitioning from the prohibition-era black market to mainstream acceptance.”

Crucial Cannabis Photographers

Cannabis now / July 2018

“A native of Washington state’s picturesque Vashon Island, Kristen Angelo proudly refers to herself as the “daughter of a pot farmer.” Raised in an idyllic world of small-scale cannabis home-growers and secretive guerrilla patches out in the woods…”

A Pot Farmer’s Daughter Photo Series

Dreamers Blvd, The Cannabis Issue / April 2018

This illegal pot grower’s daughter is fighting corporate cannabis with photography

Herb / January 2018

“These days, Angelo, know as “A Pot Farmer’s Daughter,” works as a cannabis photographer with the aim of humanizing the people behind independent farms rather than just the products that come from them. She wants others to understand the love that prohibition-era farmers—as well as smalltime newcomers to the scene—put into their grows.”

Meet the Cannabis Industry’s Most in Demand Photographer

Civilized / october 2017

“As the daughter of a man who served time for illegal cannabis farming, Kristen Angelo knows better than anyone the power in a picture. The full-time photographer from Washington has spent the last three years capturing cannabis for major publications and agencies, all in the hope of painting the plant in the “positive light” it deserves.”

Behind the Scenes at America’s New Legal Cannabis Farms: The Pot Farmer’s Daughter

Huck Magazine / September 2017

“Today, as legislation surrounding cannabis is in a state of flux, Angelo has embraced photography as a way to challenge stigma around the plant. By cutting through the trippy visuals and over-sexed boob/bud shots and instead profiling growers and their operations as sophisticated agricultural operations, Angelo is documenting a major grassroots social and political movement in a decade of major change. Intrigued as to the life of a professional cannabis photographer, Huck caught up with Kristen to discuss the highs of the job, what makes her work stand out from the excess of weed porn on the internet and what’s exciting her about the industry most.”

Professional Cannabis Photographer Kristen Angelo Follows Her Passion

FStoppers / July 2017

“Unlike the high-contrast, psychedelic images I was used to seeing, Angelo's images showed different side of the culture of cannabis: sun-drenched, cultivated by passionate farmers in the rural Pacific Northwest. I caught up with Angelo to ask her about how she got into the field of cannabis photography, and how she developed her business as a freelance photographer.”

Kristen Angelo, Cannabis Photographer: The Seattle photographer is harvesting editorial and commercial opportunity in the burgeoning marijuana industry

PDN Magazine / May 2017

Instagram Tips from Pot Photographer Kristen Angelo

PDN Pulse / May 2017

How I Became a Professional Cannabis Photographer

Format Magazine / April 2017

“Kristen Angelo explains her journey to photographing cannabis for top publications and legal businesses.”

Cannabis Photographer Kristen Angelo’s Cool Job

Seattle Times / January 2017

“Self-taught freelancer travels throughout Washington state documenting recreational cannabis farms.”

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Weedhorn / April 2016