Artisan-crafted imagery
for the cannabis industry

Welcome to APFD, a niche photo agency founded by cannabis photographer Kristen Angelo. We partner with cannabis brands, magazines, book publishers, design firms, marketing agencies, and ancillary companies to craft visual narratives told with a journalistic approach and an editorial sensibility. We’ve worked exclusively within the cannabis space since 2014, photographing cannabis and hemp farms and cultivators throughout the US, and have built relationships with some of the most reputable brands in cannabis.


The cannabis industry’s most
in-demand photographer.



hiring a professional cannabis photographer is perfect for you if you:

→ Worry that your brand’s visuals aren’t representing you as well as they should

→ Know your brand is lacking but aren’t sure where or how to take it to the next level

→ Are unsure of how to keep your brand’s visual narrative strong and cohesive

→ Lack direction, clarity, or strategy when it comes to your brand’s visual content

→ You spend more time than you’d like planning, producing, and tweaking your brand’s visual content

→ Compare your brand’s imagery, online presence, and influence to your competitors